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Results: Case Histories

While every company's situation - how they go to market, their positioning, their value proposition and their competitive environment - is unique, they all want to generate profitable revenues. And that's where we come in.

Below are just a few examples of where we helped companies achieve their goals for profitable revenue.

Fixing a Partner Program

A division of a Fortune 500 company had recruited dozens of channel partners, based on the partners' incumbency in the market, to bring in new sales. But when the partners were asked to go after new customers, they balked because they didn't want to leave their "comfort zone." And so the initiative failed to achieve its growth goals. Only after was brought in to find new projects, and set qualified appointments for the partners in their target verticals, were they motivated to go after the opportunities, and reach 100% of their revenue objective - more than $12,000,000.

Sales Re-Training

A mid-sized financial services company sent its salespeople to attend a popular sales training program in order to increase their close rates and shorten their sell-cycles. But when the close rates went down after the training (instead of up), and the sell-cycles got longer (instead of shorter), they contacted to analyze and fix the problem. It turned out that the sales technique, which the salespeople had only grudgingly embraced, was alienating their prospects. We solved the problem with remedial training and field coaching that ultimately led to the company going from less than 4% market share to more than 15% in less than two years.

Death by CRM

A Fortune 500 client had implemented an elaborate Contact Management System that was supposed to improve management control, and give them a better handle on their sales funnel. But the system, which otherwise functioned flawlessly, quickly became packed with bad data, lost opportunities and misleading reports because they didn't have a process to insure the integrity of the data. quickly cleaned up the system, and focused their sales teams on profitable opportunities that added more than 6% to their sales in the first year on a base of over $500M.

Hitting the Target

A regional video tech company had implemented a comprehensive social media/email marketing program to complement their networking and trade show activities, in the hope that they would generate significant new sales. Despite meeting all of their marketing KPIs, however, their conversion rates were far below expectations. So they called for help. Quickly recognizing that their promotions were failing to reach their intended audience, we re-designed the programs. And within less than two months we had identified, and the client had closed, enough new business to exceed 130% of their $3M revenue objectives for the next two years.

The Cobbler's Shoes

A PR firm had some notable successes under their belt. But their own PR was unable to get the attention of their "ideal" prospects: C-Levels at the major consumer products companies. Months of effort, promotion, content publication, SEO and networking resulted in traffic, but no deals. Combining research, direct mail and telephone follow-up however, was able to get them in front of more than two dozen interested, C-level prospects, and fill their book of business - over $1M - for more than a year.

The Class Half-Full

A Big 4 accounting firm spent months trying to fill its Entrepreneurship seminar with up-and-coming SMB leaders, which was only half-full with two months to go. A blitz by, however, put them over the top, and half filled the next class, too.

Energizing Sales

A global energy company wanted to enter the solar market. They had developed a solar panel, but didn't have a sales team in place to market it. And so sales went nowhere behind a weak marketing push - until they called Focusing on businesses in states that had active rebate programs, put them in the market by finding them over 350 new sales opportunities, over 25% of which closed in less than a year.

Blocking Out Competition

A manufacturer of an innovative piece of mechanical equipment was having trouble breaking into a new market because of entrenched competition, despite dominating the trade show circuit. To close the gap, we realized that they could go around the competition, and approach the architects and engineers who were designing the systems, thereby getting the client specced in before the competitor could even be selected.

Getting People to Eat More Fiber

A manufacturer of fiber optic cable had saturated their market, and was facing a declining revenue stream. Using an innovative data mining technique, though, we were able to identify several major new market opportunities that ultimately delivered over $0.5 billion in new sales and created several new markets in the process.

Engineering a Turnaround

A metals manufacturer had a small slice of their addressable market, a slice that was getting smaller due to unethical practices of a competitor. We engineered a turnaround for them, though, by guiding them through a price war, and building them a new sales team that gave them the #2 market share in the industry, while putting the unethical vendor out of business.

Arresting a Market Share Loss

A company that makes license plate readers for police cruisers was losing market share to competitors with inferior products. With a small market research effort, however, we were able to identify a gap in their customer support strategy, and turn around the losses within less than two months, and making them the leading player in the market, with over $2M in new sales.

A Bullet for the Chamber

A Chamber of Commerce was losing members to both online and offline networking groups. So they asked to build a customized networking site that enabled them to add over 100 net new members in just the first month online, and stop the bleeding.

Moving More than Air

A manufacturer of an innovative industrial fan just couldn't get traction for their product. It saved energy, but no one wanted to be the first to try it. We showed them how to model their customer economics, and used it to help them find and close their first batch of sales, worth more than $4M. And then we kept finding them customers until they became the leading brand in their market.

Priming the Revenue Pump

The start-up manufacturer of an innovative new IP-based surveillance system was in danger of failing at the starting gate. We figured out how to find qualified prospects for them, and how to convert them to sales, bringing them their first $6M in new sales.

Learning Your Lessons

An eLearning company had one of the best systems in the industry. But they were getting lost in their increasingly crowded market. Their marketing was "me, too," and their salespeople didn't know how to close. With a change in their promotion strategy, and a little sales coaching though, we increased their sales from 4 closed sales per year to 4 closed sales per month.

Making the Numbers Add Up

A global accounting firm found that the personal contacts of its partners weren't enough to meet their ever-expanding needs for revenue growth. With custom research and executive appointment-setting, however, we were able to close a 40% gap in revenue achievement.


A university had built a gleaming new football stadium, but their luxury boxes were going undersubscribed, despite months of promotion by their advertising agency. We put together a direct marketing campaign, however, and sold out their inventory with two weeks to spare before the start of the season.

Raising the Roof

A regional roofing contractor was being shopped to death by being forced to bid on projects, resulting in lower prices, and lower profits - even on those rare occasions when they won the job. By engaging to find new business before the RFQs went out, the company was able to increase their prices by 25%, while adding market share and over $2M in new revenue.

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