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Gross Revenue Target
Marketing is designed to increase your sales, but the quality of the lead will a tremendous impact on the probability of closing, and therefore on your ability to achieve a certain revenue goal. In the space to the right, put in how much revenue you would like to see come out of the initiative, either from the pilot program, or from a longer (ongoing or periodic,) campaign.

In B2B telemarketing, leads produced by a better telemarketer who uses a better sales process are going to result in a higher probability of success (measured, below, by their the different close rates,) than a lower quality telemarketer and a canned process. So to calculate the true cost – the cost-per-sale – you need to set a sales target.

As you'll see, comparing the cost-per-hour is meaningless. What really matters is your cost-of-sales, and your profitability.

And besides, what's the point of marketing if you don't have a revenue target?