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Solutions offers dozens of effective Sales and Marketing solutions. And we have the experience, and the expertise, to know what solution to use in any given situation, and how to make it work for you. So you get the results you need, regardless of your challenge.

Prerequisites are the raw materials out of which an effective campaign can be created.

Case History Writing

At the core of every good marketing program is a set of case histories. As primal as a bedtime story, case histories connect you with prospects and customers. They form the basis for the training, and for the questions that uncover needs and build value, that are the tools of the trade. At, we can write case histories for you that are compelling and effective, without breaking the bank. [more]

Economic-Value (EVC) Models

In B2B sales, most decisions involve an economic rationale - even if the decisions aren't entirely rational. And with Consumers it's often worse, with price - if not value - even more critical. At we can build an Economic Value to the Customer (EVC) model for you that persuades your prospects that buying your product or service will save them money, time, or whatever else they think matters. [more]

Needs Analysis

Needs analysis in marketing involves the systematic process of identifying and assessing the specific requirements, desires, and problems of a target audience or market segment. It helps marketers understand the unique needs and preferences of their potential customers, enabling them to develop products, services, or marketing campaigns that effectively address those needs and provide value.

Campaign Components
Campaign components are the building blocks of your sales or marketing program, created out of the pre-requisites.

Script Writing

If all you need is a script, we can often write it for you in a matter of days. And it won't be out of a cookbook. It will be personal to your business, because we know how unique you - and your prospects - are. Whether you need a script for your telemarketers, or a talk-track for your outside salespeople, we know how to guide a call that moves the sales process forward, not sideways. [more]

Cover Letters

One of the most neglected sales aids is the lowly cover note. But if you think about it, you need one for virtually everything you send to the prospect, whether it's a proposal or just a follow-up email. At, we can create templates for your cover notes that sell for you, so you get more bang for your buck. [more]

List Sourcing

Everybody wants a better list, and everyone wants good email addresses. But did you know that the best list is also one of the cheapest? And as for email addresses, do you really want to use someone else's old spam list that's just going to bounce? At, we can source a list for you, or build you a list that's going to be yours, and yours alone - and pay for itself right out of the box. [more]


Once we identify a good list source, we can acquire it for you, and upload it to your contact management system - or ours, for a calling program, direct mail, email, or whatever else you need. [more]

Situation Analysis

An effective Sales and Marketing program starts with a Situation Analysis - even if it's just written on the back-of-an-envelope. This is because, no matter what solution you end up with, if it wasn't designed to overcome your real-world challenges, it's virtually guaranteed to fail.

At we don't believe in "Ready, Fire, Aim." Instead, we always plan before we act, and think before we talk. That way you get the benefit of our decades of experience when applying our solutions. [more]

Marketing Plan

Providing a solid foundation for success, a comprehensive Marketing Plan insures that we don't miss any clues about where to find opportunity, or run into any barriers-to-success that we can't overcome. [more]

Data Portal

The Gemstone Data web-based data portal is where companies can access every database we offer online, run counts with hundreds of demographics to choose from, and download their direct mail and/or telemarketing lists in real-time. [more]

Jones Adventure Video Marketing

Jones Adventure Marketing provides high quality video creation services.

Brochures and Fliers

Traditional production of sales brochures and distribution of fliers still works. And we can make sure yours are done right, and drive new business for you.

Content/CM Development
Content and Collateral Material Development involves the creation of verbiage and images designed to draw atention to your offerings, and differentiate you in the market.

Sell Sheets

Despite what many so-called sales experts will tell you about the "Send me something" objection, that fact of the matter is that gathering information can be a legitimate step in letting you in the door. (Whether it's a stall or not depends entirely on other factors.) But if you're going to send something, you need to make sure that it does what you need it to do: Accelerate the lead. At, we know what to send them, and how to turn it into a real sales aid. [more]

Social Media Postings

There are several challenges to effective Social Media Marketing. The first is to find venues where you can place your content. Unlike in consumer markets, the key is to be sure it's visited by your target customers. The second challenge is to come up with compelling content. If it isn't click-bait, not one will read it. But if it doesn't have an "irresistable offer," it won't convert. At, we can identify the right media where your material will be seen, create content for you that will get your prospect's attention and interest, and them get them to convert. So all you have to do is handle the inbound leads. [more]


Posting your opinions in a blog is easy. Getting people to read it, follow it, and respond to it - not so much. At, we know how to create compelling content, and make sure it gets seen.

Content/Collateral Material Development

Creating compelling content and collateral material for a Web site, for sales aids or for diect publication requires an understanding of your audience that most companies lack. And it's not because companies don't understand their prospects' needs, it's because companies talk too much about the solution, and not enough about the underlying problems. If you want to reach your audience and engage their interest, you have to meet them where they are, not where you want them to be. [more]

Content Syndication

Content syndication is one of the most effective ways in which to use your marketing dollars with your content. No matter what your content may be - whitepapers, webinars, podcasts, case studies or infographics, Intellitech Solutions can send your content to your best prospects, and even your competitor's customers! Promote your content with our extensive B2B content syndication lead generation network, to amplify your content campaigns.

Strategy Development
Developing an effective strategy is critical for overcoming barriers and achieving your goals. It often involves market research, competitive analysis, and more. But without it you may be wasting your money on tactics that aren't going to work.

Competitive Analysis

If you don't have a patent (and sometimes even if you do,) then you have competitors who are trying to steal your market share. And if you don't know who they are, and what they're trying to do to beat you, then your only option will be to lower your price. Do you want to fix the problem? [more]

Business Plans

Getting funding, whether from internal sources or the venture world, requires that you present your ideas clearly and convincingly. At, we can help you put your business plan together, and help you sell it, so your idea can become a reality. [more]

Marketing Plans

If you need a new marketing strategy to take your company to the next level, you've come to the right place. At we can analyze your current program, your competitive environment, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and the tools and techniques that are available for you to achieve the growth you're seeking. And while no battle plan ever survived the first encounter with the enemy, developing a strategy that considers the actual conditions in the market, and the realistic capabilities of the tools for growth, is far more likely to be successful than one that doesn't. [more]

Sales/Territory Plans

Organizing your sales force and developing a Sales Plan can often mean the difference between "good" and "great." Why? Because if something is working, it can always work better if you put a little thought into it. And if it isn't working, putting a little thought into it is your only choice. [more]

Strategy Analysis

Are your company's products or services positioned correctly? Are you going after the right market, with the right strategy? And is what you're doing going to be profitable? At, we know the right questions to ask, and how to get the right answers. [more]

Strategic Market Planning

We literally "wrote the book" on Strategic Market Planning, the secret to both getting out of trouble, and to long term success. By integrating Market Segmentation, Target Marketing and Application Development, Strategic Market Planning can enable you to identify new product opportunities, penetrate new markets, and dramatically increase your market share - which leads directly, of course, to long term profitability. [more]

Modeling and Risk Analysis

Every business has a business plan, even if it's just in your head. The problem with most business plans, though, is in the assumptions. Being wrong about response rates, close rates and market size can doom even the most thorough implementations. At we can help you create a simple risk-sensitive plan that can keep you from making those big, and sometimes fatal mistakes. [more]

Strategic Growth and Implementation System

Are you incorporating growth thinking into every aspect of your business? How do you currently measure, monitor, compare or quantify results? Do you have a detailed written strategic marketing and sales plan with specific growth expectations? Do you struggle to set appropriate and specific goals for the key areas of your business? [more]

Joint Venture Marketing and Strategic Partnering Program

Are you having a hard time selling enough of your product and/or service to enough people and with enough frequency for your business to be viable and profitable? Do you have erratic and sometimes unpredictable business volumes which make it difficult to forecast? Are you feeling locked into mediocre marketing by force habit, imitating your competition or following “the norm”? [more]

Virtual Merger System

Do you know your transition goal? What if you had the opportunity to get more? What if we had the ability to strategically position your business so that you maximized your exit value and got more than you would ever get on your own? [more]

Market Opportunity Identification

Figuring out where you have an opportunity to make money is often the first step on the road to success. Sometimes it starts with an idea for a new product. Sometimes it starts with an awareness of an un-met need. And sometimes it's inspired simply by idle capacity. Regardless, fleshing out the opportunity - quantifying it and qualifying it - is necessary to justfy investing in exploiting it. [more]

New Product Planning

Determining what features to incorporate into a new product and which to omit is needed to minimize development cost and time, and maximize market potential. Referrred to in the industry as Application Analysis, it can help you determine what features are valued by your prospects, what features put you at a competitive advantage, and what features are a waste of resources and time. [more]

In-Depth Marketing/Sales Analysis, Planning and Consultation

Many companies, when they approach for help finding new sales, assume that all they need are more or better sales leads and they'll be fine. But there are often two major problems with this assumption. First, there are sometimes weaknesses in the company's competitive positioning and/or value proposition that have the potential to hamstring any new lead generation program, just as they may have inhibited the company's previous efforts, if they're not fixed. Second, there are also sometimes issues with a company's conversion, sell cycle, proposal and/or closing processes that can inhibit success if they're not fixed. A comprehensive Marketing and Sales Analysis and Planning effort can identify and fix these problems however, and provide a solid foundation for a long term growth initiative that is far more likely to be successful. [more]

Promotion is the process of creating awareness in your target markets about your products, services and brand.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is useless if you don't call the prospect as soon as they open your email. Otherwise, by the time you get to them, they've forgotten all about you. At, we can create a list, design an effective email, send it out, and call the prospect before he's even finished reading it - so you catch him at the right time, and in the right frame of mind. [more]

Direct Mail

Everybody bad-mouths snail mail. "It's expensive. And no one has the time to read long letters," they say. But did you know that one of the most successful marketing program ever is Publishers ClearingHouse? And why do politicians use it? Because it doesn't work? Our view is, if your competition is parked on LinkedIn, maybe that's the time to hit the post office. At, we can create letters and send-outs that will be opened, read, and even studied - so that when you show up for the call, the prospect is ready to buy. [more]

Social Media Marketing

Despite what you may read, Social Media is NOT a broadcast medium. And so-called "Inbound Marketing" is a fantasy when it comes to B2B. Decision makers simply don't have the time to find your content amid a sea of news and views. At, however, we use Social Media as a direct marketing tool. That means we find your prospects where they "hang out" online, and engage with them on topics that are important to them - the only way to make it work. [more]

Faxing and Texting

Do people still use fax machines? Surprisingly, many still do - especially older, senior executives who aren't comfortable with technology. And especially their Executive Assistants. So if she tells us to fax something, we do it. And if the prospect would rather get a text, we can do that, too. Because the customer is always right, even when he's wrong. [more]


Did you know that getting an article published about your product or business can actually generate qualified sales leads. It can significantly enhance your credibility, while potentially boosting your page rank by driving links. At, we can write the articles, identify appropriate media, contact the editors and pitch your story - so you get the coverage and visibility you want, and the leads you need. [more]

Web Site Development - Better

When you start to get more sophisticated, you start to have a better impact. You engage more with your prospects, and you give them what they want without them even knowing it. Web sites like this take a little more thought and design, but they give you better results in return. [more]

Web Site Development - Best

If you want to blow away your competition, then you need more than just a Web site. You need mobile apps to go along with it - so you can engage with your prospects wherever they go. At, we have the skills and talent - on staff and on-call - who can enable you to dominate your space. [more]

Geofence Marketing

Geofence marketing allows companies to serve display ads and target people in very precise areas and places they go such as competitor locations, convention centers, retail locations, malls, event centers, neighborhoods, crosswalks, and any customize location as small as 25 square feet. [more]

Email Marketing with Gemstone Data

Leveraging the Gemstone flagship consumer database, or targeting specialty jobs for B2B campaigns, you can conduct all-inclusive email marketing campaigns. [more]

Social Media Marketing Video (TikTok, YT, IG, etc)

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media platforms to achieve marketing and branding goals. This type of marketing utilizes various social media channels to connect with the target audience, build brand awareness, increase website traffic, and generate leads. The key objective is to create engaging content that encourages users to share it within their social networks. [more]

Landing Page Publishing

One of the most effective ways to generate high volumes of leads is by publishing a Web site, and driving traffic to it. At we can set up a Web site that will attract traffic, and conver it to qualified sales leads. [more]

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the present and future of marketing. At, we can do it for you, or we can show you how to do it - so you get the results your need.

Mobile Marketing

Sending text ads to user's phones puts your message in front of them at the precise them when it's most relevant. At we can maximize your engagement with customers and prospects with highly targeted mobile marketing and geofencing.



Radio / TV Advertising

Radio / TV Advertising

Search Engine Optimization - Ongoing

Search Engine Optimization takes more than adding a few keywords to you meta tags. It's an arms race against some of the smartest people in the world - people who are building Web site and landing pages at a furious pace, driving visitors through click funnels, and converting traffic to leads in a Darwinian hellscape that is the Internet. [more]

Intent Marketing

Intent marketing looks for explicit buying signals indicating a need for particular products and services, or for particular needs. It uses sophisticated tracking and scoring to identify high probability suspects, and then attaches the appropriate contact information so that we can reach out to decision-makers at a time when their interest level is high. [more]

Sales Development
Sales Development include recruiting, training and coaching sales representatives and channel partners, along with structuring their sales processes, to create resources and proficiency in converting sales leads to closed and profitable sales.

Channel/Social Media Partners

Finding the right channel partners - which includes recruiting social media influencers - means more than finding someone who's already into the accounts you want to target. The best ones will take you into new accounts and markets. At, we can build you a channel that's going to perform, not just take 35% off the top. [more]

Part-Time Sales Management

If you can't afford a full-time Sales Manager or VP of Sales/Marketing, but you need the expertise and leadership, can guide your team remotely, on a part-time basis, so you get the performance you need - before you can afford it. [more]

Sales Coaching

For a typical Sales Manager, coaching should take anywhere from 25% - 50% of his (or her) time, depending on the make-up of the team. (Less effective teams require more coaching.) At, we can coach your team, and teach your Sales Managers how to do it right, too. We can also provide you with developmental feedback, and the remedial resources it takes to turn your average performers into stars! [more]

Sales Planning and Execution

It's in the sales planning and execution that the rubber meets the road. That is, if you have a marketing program that generates qualified sales leads, then you need a sales team that knows how to close, and close for a profit. At we can make sure your sales team does what you need them to do by making sure your Sales Process does what it needs to do. [more]

Strategic Planning

A level higher than a Sales Plan, a Strategic Plan is designed to identify new market opportunities to pursue, and develop a strategy for tapping them. It therefore may include market research, new product development, building out new sales teams and marketing functions, as well as the acquisition of other resources, to achieve your growth goals. At, though, we literally wrote the book on how to identify new market opportunities, and how to tap them - so you can see over the horizon and take your business in a successful new direction. [more]

Channel Management

If you work with channel partners, then you also need to develop a formal channel management program. A good program starts with establishing criteria for partner selection and de-selection. It addresses the lead generation challenge, and it especially doesn't assume that channel partners will take care of it. It plans joint marketing activities, and makes sure that their sales plan is specifically aligned with yours. And it puts in place a performance analysis that includes access to your partners' POS system so you can know how you're actually doing. [more]

Telemarketer Recruiting

Finding the right telemarketer for your business takes more than just running an ad on Monster or Craigslist. The fact is that anyone can dial the telephone. But do you know how to tell if the person can actually get past gatekeepers, uncover needs, and persuade a decision maker to give your salesperson some of his precious time? At, we know what to look for, and how to find the talent you need. [more]

Sidehill Consulting

Lead Generation
Lead Generation is the process of creating awareness and stimulating interest, among qualified suspects within your target market, in talking with you about how you can help satisfy their needs. It's the Missing Link between Marketing and Sales.

Basic B2B Telemarketing

Many relatively simple B2B products and services just need someone who's competent on the phones - someone who's able to dial at high volumes, contact buyers, introduce the product, and find out if the prospect has a need. And if they do, then getting a shot at the business is a simple matter of asking for an appointment. [more]

Executive Appointment-Setting

Getting in the door with C-Level executives at large companies is a little like getting asked to join an exclusive club. There are political issues, incumbent relationships, gatekeepers, and a natural tendency to delegate. But if you really need that high-level entry, we have proven techniques to get you in the door, especially if it's the door to the corner office. Our EAS program starts with a Planning Phase, where we get to know your solutions, value proposition, goals, challenges and market. We then make sure you have the collateral pieces you need to go-to-market, including case histories, a solid economic story to tell, benefits, needs, applications and lists. We may need to do some primary research. But then we create a direct mail letter and a calling program to follow it up, and generate the appointments. [more]

Getting Specced In

Getting in early, before your competition even knows there's an opportunity, is the most effective way to control the spec and insure that you get the business. At we'll get you in the door with the hidden decision influencers like engineers and architects - the ones who can wire the job for you, so you can shut out your competition, win the job, and protect your margins. [more]

Pre-Qualification Programs

Paring a list of 2,000 suspects down to the hundred who actually need your product is the secret to minimizing your waste and cost-per-lead. At we'll pre-screen your list by making sure the contacts are correct, that they have an application or need, and that they're actually worth going after. So you can conserve your fire-power for where it's needed: getting in the door, and closing the sale. [more]

Nurture Campaigns

Most people eventually find out that the conventional "drip" campaign is a waste of time and money. Contacts rarely see or read your material, as they become immunized to your message. But a Nurture campaign, where we call your prospects periodically - and actually engage with them - can keep you "top of mind," and make sure you know about it when the prospect is ready to pull the trigger. [more]

Appointment-Setting Programs

If you have a stack of "leads," and you don't know if they're any good or not, call us. We can confirm the contact information, make sure there's a qualifying need or uncover one, determine their ability to pay, and book the appointment with prospects who are truly worth meeting. A lead qualification program from can keep your salespeople on the street, and prevent them from chasing leads that aren't worth their time. [more]


If you have a product that can be sold over the phone in one or two calls, Telesales is the way to go. At, we have Telesales professionals who can find your buyers, uncover their needs, prove your value, close the sale and process the order. All you have to do is support your new customers. [more]

Trade Show Pre-Calls/Follow-Ups

Whether you're exhibiting at a trade show, or just attending, what you do both before and after the show matters much more than what you do at the show. If you're exhibiting, it's critical to call all your prospects before the show. And don't just invite them to your booth; tell them that you'll have a special gift for them. (Chocolate is ideal.) And after the show, be sure to call everyone who stopped by your booth. Studies show that 96% of trade show leads are never followed up! [more]

Basic B2B Telemarketing

Many relatively simple B2B products and services just need someone who's competent on the phones - someone who's able to pick up the phone, contact a buyer, and find out if the prospect has a need. And if they do, then getting a shot at the business is a simple matter of asking for one. [more]

Basic B2B Telemarketing Plan

For some products and services, basic cold calling can be the most economical way to go, so we don't need to write an elaborate plan, do any extensive research, or develop positioning arguments as to why someone should be interested in your product. Simply supply us with your script, your sales aids (i.e. send-outs) and a list to call, we'll load it into our system, and start hitting the phones. [more]

Marketing Plan - Executive Appointment Setting

Getting in at high levels, particularly at large companies, requires not only an understanding of your value proposition, it also requires that you understand the buyer's environment - even if they don't yet know they're buyers. In developing a plan for an Executive Appointment-Setting campaign, we make sure that the politics and competition don't get in the way, and nothing else does, either. [more]

Telemarketing Plan - Professional

If you compete in a more complex market, or if your Value Proposition is more complex, you'll need our Professional Telemarketing Plan. In the Professional Plan, we make sure that we can uncover needs, unhook your competition - and the "Do nothing" option - and get you in the door. So you can get a legitimate shot at the business. [more]

Monthly Lead Generation Package

In some cases, the characteristics of the market are such that one tactic, say, telemarketing, may not be enough to prime the pump. You may need several components, including the development of case histories or sell sheets, extra strategy development, list acquisition, collateral material, email, send-out and follow-up elements to be developed and tested. The monthly lead generation package allows up to be more flexible in terms of what solutions we bring to bear in developing an effective campaign, within your fixed budget. [more]

Done-For-You LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a critical tool for many B2B marketers today because it enables you to connect with the decision makers you need to reach. But you need to know how to identify your decision makers on the platform - which is hard to do, and how to reach out to them so they'll actually engage with you - which can be time-consuming. And it especially requires approaching the prospect with just the right message. Done-for-You LinkedIn Lead Generation, however, can turn LinkedIn into a proactive lead generation tool! [more]

Linkedin b2b lead generation

Receive 1-3 qualified daily leads interested in buying your service or product [more]

Targeted Facebook Ads

Facebook is a powerful tool for reaching consumers based on their demographic and psychographic characteristics. And, in some cases, it can also be used to target and reach business decision makers, as well. In either case, the key is knowing how to employ Facebook's targeting tools, and how to develop effective content that will cause qualified suspects and prospects to self-identify. [more]


SEO will always be the way to move forward. At its most basic, SEO gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience as they are actively searching for information related to your products and services. Without it, you risk losing potential customers to your competitors simply because their website uses local, SEO. If you’re not sure why this matters, just think about how you normally find whatever you are looking for on the first page of Google. [more]

Targeted Facebook Lead Generation

During the testing phase of the program, conducts a series of A/B tests of the content to determine which provides the best response rate. [more]

Targeted Facebook Lead Generation

Once we've developed an effective ad, and appropriate targeting, we run the ads as frequently as permissable by budget and slot availability. Responses are forwarded to the client for further qualification, conversion, and close.

B2B Telemarketing/Lead Generation Pilot Program

One of the best ways to jump-start your B2B sales is with a cold calling campaign - which starts with a Pilot program designed to develop and prove-in the process. Creating an effective pilot program starts with planning, because when you're trying to get an appointment with a busy decision-maker, reading a script just won't cut it. When we write your plan we get to know your products and services, goals, challenges, value proposition, target market, positioning, applications, successes, sales aids, lead qualification criteria, list criteria, competition, objections, and more. We then use this to develop an effective research process and calling strategy, along with the necessary script elements, questions, objections handles, text for voice mails, follow-ups and send-outs, as well as the calendar, logistics and feedback procedures needed to run the pilot program. We then test it in a Calling phase. And if the test is successful, we can then scale it up until you exceed your goals. [more]

B2B Telemarketing/Lead Generation Program

The Calling Phase of the Pilot program is designed to generate qualified leads for you. But we take our time, during this phase, so that we don't burn through your budget before figuring out what's going to work. For example, we may run into objections that we didn't anticipate, for which we have to develop effective responses. There may be issues with the list, or with targeting, that we may have to correct. There may be problems with your value proposition, or with tracking down decision makers, or with competitive incumbency, or with creating a need, or some other unexpected barrier-to-success. And so taking our time gives us the chance to identify these issues, and adjust the program accordingly. [more]

B2B Telemarketing/Lead Generation Program

Once we've developed and proven-in your lead generation process, we can then scale it up (usually in 0.5 FTE increments) or continue it in a month--to-month fashion. [more]

LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is a critical tool for many B2B marketers today because it enables you to identify and connect with the decision makers you need to reach. But you need to know how to find your decision makers on the platform - which is hard to do, and how to reach out to them so they'll actually engage with you - which is tricky, and time-consuming. And it especially requires approaching the prospect with just the right message. [more]

Executive Appointment-Setting

Once the plan has been written, we research the target companies and decision makers using secondary sources. We upload the list, mail-merge it to the letter, and send it using either USPS or Fedex, depending on what it takes to get through. We then start dialing, to see if they've received the letter (re-sending it if necessary), read it, and wish to grant an appointment. Sometimes we have to sell the appointment, but our hope is that the letter is strong enough to persuade the decision maker to meet. Note that the ideal situation is if we can do all this through the decision maker's Executive Assistant. [more]

Executive Appointment-Setting - Primary Research

Sometimes the only way to get in the door is to find out if there's a need or problem - one that would justify your solution - before we try to make contact with the decision maker. This may be because he or she may be in denial. They may not know about the problem. On they may just not want to admit it to an outsider because it would be embarrassing. If so, then we have to discover the problem through primary market research so we can leverage it to get in the door. [more]

Tele-Center, Inc.

Tele-center provides off-shore call center services.

Commissionable Lead Generation will provide lead generation on a straight commission basis that can eliminate your up-front cost and risk.

Call Centers

If you're looking for a call center, has a list of over 800 call centers around the world. Many have been carefully vetted by us and our partners - so we can help you find just what you need, at a price you can afford.


For many companies, particularly those who sell into consumer markets, pay-per-lead can be a low risk, cost effective technique for finding new business. partners with many of the best publishers in the industry to provide you with highly qualified sales leads, at almost whatever price point you need to hit. [more]

LinkedIn Lead Generation (Hourly)

LinkedIn is a critical tool for many B2B marketers today because it enables you to identify and connect with the decision makers you need to reach. But you need to know how to find your decision makers on the platform - which is hard to do, and how to reach out to them so they'll actually engage with you - which is tricky, and time-consuming. And it especially requires approaching the prospect with just the right message. [more]

Pay-per-Appointment Lead Generation

Pay-per-Appointment lead genertion programs can be one of the most cost-effective and lowest risk ways to find new business. You set the "lead qualification criteria" and the price-per-appointment that you're willing to pay, and we'll do the rest! [more]

Lists includes list development, data mining, market research, competitive research and other primary and secondary investigations designed to identify opportunities and barriers-to-success.

Primary Market Research

Every business strategy begins with market research, whether it's a formal questionnaire, searching on Google, or just a survey of the ideas in your head. At, we can help validate a good idea, or justify a multi-million dollar investment, with secondary or primary research that fits with your budget, and your need. [more]

Surveys and Questionnaires

Market research is a great way to understand your market's needs. So why shouldn't it also be a great way to generate leads - the best of which have a "need" at their core? At we use market research to uncover the needs that drive the lead, find hidden decision makers, and suss out the value that drives the sale. And just for fun, we'll use it to get you the appointment, too. [more]

Secondary Market Research

Most people think market research is expensive. But guessing is riskier, and failure is even more expensive. A little secondary market research can tell you who exactly needs your products or services, what their needs are, and what they're willing to pay. At, we can show you what products are needed, and how to unhook your competition - the ultimate key to success in a slow-growth market. [more]

List Research and Clean-Up

Most lists aren't worth the paper they're no longer printed on. Contact information is almost always out-of-date, and lists rarely tell you who the real decision maker is. Nor do they tell you whether the suspect even has a need. (Even "intent" signals are inferential.) Fortunately there are a number of resources that can help - broadly including published lists (e.g. ZoomInfo, subscribers, emails, trade show attendees, etc.,) data-mined lists (e.g. Web scraping, job boards, Sales Navigator, Google, etc.,) and so-called "leads" (e.g. Web site visitors, form-fills, DM/DR, etc.) List Research and Clean-Up is designed to identify the best available secondary resources; acquire, pre-screen and/or pre-qualify the records; and then post them to the CRM for prospecting. [more]

Data Mining

With all the data available on the Internet, and the right tools to mine it, there's no reason to tolerate waste in your marketing program. Data mining can enable you to focus your promotions on companies that explicitly or implicitly need your products and services, and then attach the contact information you need for decision makers. [more]


Once you've decided what market you want to go after, the next step is procuring a list. BorgDirect has access to virtually every commercially available list there is. [more]

Nationwide Marketing Services

Nationwide Marketing Services is a data and list provider specializing in consumer lists.

Zoominfo Contact Data

Zoominfo is a partner that provides the most accurate and up-to-date database of businesses and contact information in the industry, along with innovative data mining solutions such as Intent Marketing and traffic tracing. Like all other ZoomInfo partners, cannot resell ZoomInfo data directly. Rather, is licensed to incorporates ZoomInfo data and other tools into Marketing and Sales Development strategies that we develop and implement on behalf of our clients. [more]

Staffing includes identifying and recruiting qualified candidates for your company's various sales and marketing functions, and management thereof, as well defining job requirements and measuring performance.

Recruiting Entry-Level Teleprospectors

Hiring an entry-level teleprospector for a simple Awareness campaign is an inexpensive was to get the word out about your offerings, and drum up new business. For many small businesses like commercial contractors, service businesses and distibutors, or when the buyer is a Purchasing Manager or Office Manager, an entry-level teleprospector with reasonably good communications skills, and a little bit of can often find you tons of new business faster and less expensively than advertising, the local expo, or even networking. At, we can help you recruit and train inexpensive teleprospectors to work in your office, or remotely, so you can grow your business today! [more]

Recruiting Lead Generation Specialists

For most B2B campaigns where the prospect is a business owner, director or department manager, and the decision to buy hinges on your ability to uncover needs and find applications, you need an experienced Lead Generation Specialist who knows how to get a mobile prospect on the phone, and engage them in a conversation about their goals and challenges. Whether you're an IT company or a manufacturer, at we can help you find Lead Generation Specialists, to work locally or remotely, who have the skills, training and experience in your industry that it takes to get the job done, and who can take your business to the next level. [more]

Recruiting Business Development Reps

If you're prospecting to C-Level executives at the Fortune 2000, you need someone on the phones who has first-rate sales skills, and real-world business experience that enables them to talk peer-to-peer to a busy executive with millions at stake. Whether you're selling a six-figure consulting engagement or a multi-million dollar factory, at we can recruit with highly-trained and experienced professionals who know how to get past gatekeepers, stimulate interest, uncover his pain, and persuade a C-Level decision maker to give you thirty minutes of his time - so you can make your pitch, and get the sale. [more]

Recruiting Field Sales Representatives

When you need to put someone in the field, whether they're local or remote, do you really know what to look for? At, we can find sales producers for you who know what they're doing, and who'll bring home the goods. [more]

Recruiting Sales Managers

You don't learn how to lead a sales team by selling - any more than you learn how to teach by being a student. At, we can help you find a Sales Manager who'll lead your team to victory - and beyond. [more]

Recruiting Marketing Managers

These days, anyone who took a communications course in college can offer themselves up as a Marketing Manager. But just because you know how post to Twitter and LinkedIn doesn't mean you know anything about B2B marketing. At, we can deliver someone who knows the difference between promotion and results. [more]

Sales Representatives

Recruiting and selection are critical to building a successful sales team. But you have to know what to look for. Otherwise you're not only wasting your time and money, you're wasting opportunity, too. At, we start by understanding your "Ideal Sales Responses" - behaviors that your ideal sales rep should exhibit in the field. We then build those responses into a screening test that's given to every candidate, so we don't interview candidates who don't fit. We then screen for Metrics, Experience and Training (METs) among those who pass, because past performance is a good indicator of future performance in sales. Only then do we interview the candidate (we prefer not to check references because they're too easy to wire, but we'll do it if required), and on-board the ones you like. And we guarantee our placements with a one-time replacement, no questions asked, within six months. [more]

Sales Job Modeling

Designing the sales job properly is crucial for your reps to achieve success. How much time should they spend prospecting, and how should they do it? How should you design your sell cycle? How much time should your reps spend closing, training, planning, documenting, and solving problems? And what management tools and processes are best for assuring good results? [more]


Perform[cb] has led the industry in affiliate partner recruitment, brand protection, and compliance processes to become a recognized digital advertising leader and one-of-a-kind performance marketing network focused on driving global customer and user acquisition for our advertisers on a Cost-Per-Action (CPA), Cost-Per-Install (CPI), Cost-Per-Lead (CPL), Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS) and Cost-Per-Click (CPC) pricing model.

Technology offerings include those elements of infratructure that enable the successful development and implementation of the comany's sales and marketing plans.

Custom Software Development

Whether you need an upgraded Web site, an eCommerce page, or CRM integration, you have to ask yourself: Which is better? Having a developer who knows how to code, or a developer who knows how to code - but also understands your sales or marketing challenges? Programmers are easy to find. With CM Software, you get a team that actally understands sales and marketing - so you get what you want, not just what you can describe to the the developer.

UX/ UI Design

We offer a full suite when it comes to UX design, leveraging our expertise and knowledge of best practices, we are able to build visually appealing, high-quality websites that drive conversions to help grow your business. We work closely with you to develop a deep understanding of your company’s goals and industry in order to implement elements that will engage your visitors from the moment they land on your site. [more]

CRM Systems

Being able to keep track of your marketing efforts and your prospects is a necessary - but not sufficient - condition for sales success. The problem is that many companies think (because that's what the CRM vendors tell them) that if they get a CRM, all their problems will go away. But nothing is further from the truth. [more]

Call Center Systems

If you want to build up your in-house telemarketing capability, a sophisticated Call Center System can provide you with features that can maximize your efficiency, enhance customer services, and enable the scalability you'll need if you're successful. [more]

AI Systems

Artificial Intelligence is a breakthrough technology that can analyze masses of data to develop more accurate inferences, and more effective marketing strategies. [more]

e-Commerce Systems

e-Commerce systems are fundamental storefronts for millions of businesses. But many sites fail to get people to actually order. At we know how to get site visitors to convert, and ring your cash register.


TecqubeB2B is a digital marketing agency that caters to Enterprise and Technology companies across the globe to improve ROI on their marketing spend and shorten sales cycle with its market insight and demand generation services.

Training is designed to give your company's personnel the skills they need to effectively implement their sales or marketing roles.

Cold Calling Training

When you're cold calling, what you say in the first 15 seconds on the phone with a prospect will determine whether you get to spend the next three minutes trying to uncover needs and build value, and land the appointment - or hang up in failure. This course discusses the many factors that go into making an effective call opening that's going to get the prospect to want to listen to what you have to say. [more]

Intermediate Cold Calling

OK, so the prospect hasn't hung up on you. Now what do you do? In this course we focus on the portion of the call where you probe for needs, and try to get the prospect to want to dig deeper. Oh, and by the way, you only have three minutes to get it done. Starting now. [more]

Advanced Cold Calling

Once you know how to get the prospect on the phone, and get him to actually want to stay on the phone, the fun really begins. This course deals with call strategy, objections handling, put-offs, closing and more. So you don't get strung along, but become the master of your fate. [more]

The Most Powerful Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal

Being able to make an effective cold call isn't hard. You just have to know what you're doing. Of course, understanding how to get a prospect's attention, how to get past gatekeepers, and how to stimulate their interest aren't simple. But "The Most Powerful Weapon in Your Marketing Arsenal" has it all - everything you need to know in order to get in the door, so you can win more sales. [more]

Sales Skills Assessment

When it comes to hiring a telemarketer or salesperson, do you know what to look for? Consider that less than 5% of candidates are actually capable of making an effective prospecting call. How do you avoid interviewing, or even reading the resumes of, the 95% of the candidates who you shouldn't hire? Let us test your candidates, and save you the risk of making a costly mistake. [more]

Sales Training 101

While having a desire to sell helps, being able to make an effective sales call is not some natural talent that people are born with. You need to understand the underlying drivers of sales, and how to communicate effectively with prospects so they'll buy. At we can teach you how to sell so you'll never go hungry again. [more]

Sales Coaching

Sometimes all your salespeople need is a little coaching. For example, they may have that basics down okay, but they're just having trouble overcoming some objections, getting past gatekeepers, or closing. At we can provide them with tricks-of-the-trade that will enable them to overcome their barriers to success, and be on their way to ringing the cash register. [more]

Consulting can provide you with expert advice, and the benefit of more than 30 years of experience, that can help you figure out what to do - even if you want to do it in-house.

SEO Evaluation and Performance Improvement - One Time

For some businesses, Search Engine Optimization is a must, while for other businesses, it's a waste of time and money. At, we can help you determine whether it's worth doing or not. And if it's worth doing, we can show you how to do it, or do it for you, in the fastest, most cost-efficient way possible. [more]

Marketing Consulting

Almost by definition, success in marketing is a moving target. Markets change constantly. What worked yesterday doesn't work today. You hit your numbers, and the next quarter they raise the bar. At, however, we can work with you and your team in a short, intermediate or long term consulting role to provide the guidance you need to stay ahead of your goals, and navigate around your barriers-to-success. [more]

Set-Up an In-House Telemarketing Program

If you need more sales leads, and cold calling works in your business, but you would prefer - for economic or control reasons - to do it in-house, we've got you covered. We can help you set up an effective in-house telemarketing operation, whether you need one person or twenty. [more]

Ongoing Consulting for In-House Telemarketing Program

Marketing is never once-and-done. We can provide ongoing support and advice to make sure your marketing and sales programs deliver the results you need, month after month.

Networking Consulting and Support

Networking can be a highly effective way to find new business.

Publishers are digital marketing masters of SEO who use the Web to generate leads. At, we know who's faking it, and who's the real deal.

Keyword Connects

Keyword Connects is a pay-for-performance digital marketing company that specializes in using paid search to generate high quality leads for it's clients. Keyword Connects researches keywords, writes compelling copy to advertise your business, builds custom landing pages, and delivers qualified home improvement leads. [more]

Tree Care Marketing specializes in online marketing and lead generation for tree care and landscaping companies. [more]

Astoria Company

Specializing in mortgage leads, Pay Per Call, SEO, PPC, Email, Display, Call Centers, social media and offline advertising, we help companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems, and technology platforms that scale. [more]


LeadPops is digital marketing agency specializing in exclusive Mortgage, Real Estate, and Insurance - Inter-active form fill leads. [more]

Fog Pusher

FogPusher is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Mortgage and Real Estate leads on a PPL basis. [more]

Tree Leads Today

Tree Leads Today is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating exclusive leads for landscapers, arborists and related industries. [more]

Infinite Pipeline

Infinite Pipeline is a pay-for-performance lead generation company specializing in the commercial cleaning industry. We provide qualified appointments to help maximize your company's sales performance. We work with companies throughout the country with a single goal - to consistently increase sales. [more]


Reonomy leverages big data, partnerships and machine learning to connect the fragmented, disparate world of commercial real estate. By providing unparalleled access to property intelligence, Reonomy products empower individuals, teams, and companies to unlock insights and discover new opportunities. [more]


RevBoss is a sales prospecting company that helps their customers get customers. [more]


HomeNash is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generate qualified home buyer leads. [more]

Smarket Online Ltd.

Smarketads offers Performace Based Marketing. Lead Generation. Affiliate Network. Exclusive Offers. Real-time Reporting System. [more]


Spantronics is a digital marketing company specializing in solar, home improvement, plumbing and roofing leads.

RGR Marketing

RGR is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Mortgage, Tax and Solar leads

Resource Marketing

Resource Marketing Corp. specializes in providing extremely targeted, high quality leads to businesses by way of live call transfers. All of our leads begin as an inbound application from an online source. These warm leads are then called and further qualified before we initiate a hot call transfer to a sales person. The result is a lead that is highly motivated, double verified, prescreened and transferred in real time. [more]

Martech Biz is a digital marketing agency that only takes clients on a referral basis.

Broker Match

Broker Match connects and matches businesses with potential customers using a wide array of Internet media. Broker Match optimizes connections through proprietary technologies; with exact matching, filtering and scrubbing providing customers the highest quality converting sales leads. Mortgage and Re-Finance Leads [more]

Cambie Marketing

Cambie Marketing specializes in ‘pay per lead’ digital marketing. Forget retainer contracts that don’t get you any ROI. With Cambie, we are paid on performance. No retainers, no set up fees, you just pay for the leads you need. [more]

Provisions Media

Provisions Media is a digital marketing agency that works with companies of all kinds. [more]

Ransani Consulting

Rasani Consulting is a digital marketing agency that provides mortgage and other lending leads.

Lead Magnet Agency

Lead Magnet is a UK-based digital marketing agency that provides ension; retirement and estate planning leads. [more]

Clear Link

Clear Link is a digital marketing agency that combines machine learning with human ingenuity to connect billions of consumer data points and provide uniquely integrated, comprehensive solutions. [more]

Smashel, Inc

Smashel is a digital marketing agency that provides real estate, mortgage, insurance - residential home insurance, prime and sub-prime mortgage, refi mortgage leads, and other real estate leads.

Lion Pride Leads

Lion Pride Leads is a digital marketing agency that provides live transfer, final expense, u65, t-64, t-65, insurance, auto, home, mortgage protection, aged leads, auto/home, term life leads.

iLeads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Mortgage, Insurance, Direct Marketing, Solar, and Real Estate Services leads

Nextgen Leads

NextGen Leads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in auto insurance, health insurance, and Medicare.


QuoteWizard is a digital marketing agency specializing in Auto/Home, Health - U65, Medicare Supplement, and Renters insurance.

Live Transfers® uses various methods of generating qualified sales leads for their clients. We utilize a multitude of online and offline marketing efforts such as Internet, TV, Radio, Print, and Telemarketing Technologies to generate our live transfer leads.


LavaLeads is a cutting-edge, multi-vertical marketing company specializing in direct response promotions that interactively connect buyers with sellers through our live, hot lead generation strategies. [more]

Inspire Center Solutions

Inspire Center Solutions is a digital marketing agency that sells a broad range of validated leads. [more]


Lead Hustler is USA’s #1 Source for Telemarketing Insurance Leads, Home Security Leads, Health Insurance leads, Storm Damage Leads, Hail Damage, Roofing Leads, Roofing Appointments


eQuoto is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating Medicare and Medicare Supplement leads. [more]

Manifest Direct Marketing

Manifest Direct is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing live transfer mortgage refinance leads.

Bishamon Media

Bishamon Media is a multi-channel marketing company that serves one purpose: to deliver you the highest quality lead at the best possible price point. [more]

Boss Leads

Boss Leads is a digital marketing agency that provides live transfer, data, aged and other leads.

Calltel Info Solutions

CallTel Info Solutions is a digital marketing agency that provides debt settlement, refinance, solar, reverse mortgage, credit repair, loan modification leads.


Auto, Life, Health, Solar, Mortgage, Health/Diet/Nutraceutical,Auto Warranty, Debt Settlement, Working Capital, Merchant Cash Advance/Equipment Financing, Tax Settlement


Leadmmatic is a digital marketing agency that provides Mortgage, Solar, Real Estate, Travel and Auto Insurance leads.

Rex Direct

Rex Direct is a digital marketing agency that provides ping post, co-reg, display, email, education, insurance, health care, home services, market research, retail, jobs, travel, real time, tcpa, trusted form, and long form leads.

Exchange Media

Exchange Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Medicare supplement, U65, Auto Insurance and Final Expense leads

Exclusive Mortgage Leads

Exclusive Mortgage Leads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in refinance, home mortgage and other loan leads.

MMJ Marketing

MMJ Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in moving, solar, roofing, painting and HVC lead generation.

Trinity Communications

Trinity Communications is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating auto insurance and final expense live transfer leads.

Lendilio is a digital marketing agency that specializes in search, display, native, social, affiliate and email marketing.

Leads Force

Leads Force is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Medicare, Final Expense, and Solar lead generation.

Trualliant, Inc.

Trualliant is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Medicare Supplement and Final Expense lead generation

LandFall Data

Landfall Data is a digital marketing agency that provides Auto Warranty, B2B, Biz Opp, Boat Owners, Cash for Gold, Diabetic, Education, Health Insurance, Home Insurance, Home Owner ReFi, Home Security, Life Insurance, Male Enhancement, Medical Care, Merchant Cash Advance, Mortgage, Payday Loan, Private Investors, Smokers, Solar Panel inquiries, Student Loan Consolidation, Time Share, Travel, Tricare, co-reg, data, live transfers and other leads.

Iconic Results

Iconic Results is a digital marketing agency that specializes in mortgage, refinance and other leads.

Kentrust Capital

Kentrust Capital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in generating U65, inbound, form, auto insurance, auto warranty, medicare, final expense, real estate, mortgage, home improvement, pest control, plumbing, renovation, roofing and HVAC leads.

Trademarc Global LLC

Trademarc Global is a digital marketing agency that specializes in mortgage, health insurance, medicare, u65, homeowner, solar, legal, final expense, credit repair, debt, tax debt, student loans, auto insurance, auto warranty, tcpa, aged, ppc, inbound, live transfer, co-reg, ping post leads, financial services, Servicing Tech Firms, Servicing Media, Advertising firms, Health & Science related, web design is a digital marketing agency that generates live transfer, medicare, O65, supplement, advantage, final expense, auto, home owners and life insurance leads.

The Solar Heroes

The Solar Heroes is a digital marketing agency that specializes in setting qualified solar appointments

US Marketing Group

US Marketing Group is a digital marketing agency that generate s DME, SOLAR, Auto Warranty, generalist, medicare, 065, u65, generalist, Direct Mail, Internet, and Live Web Call leads.

iRadius Group

Auto Health Life Home Insurance Medicare Supplement Home Improvement [more]

Your Leads Factory

Your Leads Factory is a digital marketing agency that specializes in final expense, auto, medicare, data, live transfer, 065 and U65 leads.

KB Synergy

KB Synergy is a digital marketing agency that specializes in legal, motor vehicle accident, divorce, bankruptcy, append data, medicare, O65, U65 leads. [more]

SNK Media

SNK Media is a digital marketing agency that specializes in Facebook/Instagram Ads, Search Engine Marketing, Lead Generation, Social Media Management, Web Development & SEO.

Elixir Studios, LLC

Elixir Studios is a digital marketing agency that specializes in insurance, commercial emergency service, home emergency service, legal, finance, home and beauty, debt, medical and solar lead generation.

Axad Capital Digital Marketing

Axad is an innovating NYC-based digital marketing firm that helps local businesses increase their sales, decrease their acquisition cost, improve their ROI and enhance their marketing strategy. [more]

OnCore Leads

OnCore Leads is a digital marketing agency that specializes in tax debt, credit card debt, merchant cash advance, addiction/rehab, auto accident, personal injury, workers compensation, SSDI, home services, bankruptcy, mass tort, and student loan debt leads.

United Lead Group

United Lead Group is a digital marketing agency that specializes in merchant cash advance, business loans, health insurance, life insurance, final expense insurance, auto insurance, medical alert, reverse mortgage, travel and vacation, solar, tax settlement, Medicare supplement, home/business security, pain relief, addiction treatment, walk in tubs, search engine optimization, web design, and merchant processing leads.

Lightfire Partners

Lightfire Partners is a digital marketing agency specializing in solar, windows, walk-in tubs, walk in tubs, bath re-facing, roofing leads.

Konnext Solutions

Konnext Solutions is a digital marketing agency specializing in Medicare and Medicare Supplement lead generation.

Live Calls Network

Live Calls Network is a digital marketing agency that specializes in motor vehicle accident, MVA mva form fill, addiction, auto, bankruptcy, legal, U65, home insurance, life, mass tort, medicare, payday loan, ssdi, tax amnesty, tax debt, water damage, live transfer leads.

Got Leads 365

Live transfer, data, direct mail, email marketing Home security, reverse mortgage, solar, mca, student debt loan, tax debt, debt settlement, auto warranty, health insurance, student loan


Home and Commercial Security Leads $ 9 - $ 93 per lead Alarm or Security SystemsHome Automation SystemsSecurity BarsSecurity or Storm ShuttersSecurity or Storm ShuttersSecurity SafesSurveillance CamerasFire - Protection and Prevention

SmartLeads Media

Exclusive & Branded Leads For The Following Industries Addiction Recovery -- TV/Radio Transfers, Call Center Verified PPO, Exclusive Web Form-Fill - API opt-in Leads, Aged Internet Leads, aged, Speciality Insurance Products: - Annuity, Final Expense, Mortgage Protection Insurance, Life / Home / Auto, Mortgage Leads, Reverse Mortgage, Loan Modification, Credit Repair, IRS TAX Debt Resolutions, Debt Settlement, MLM/Business Opp. Auto Warranty, Home Warranty, Merchant Cash Advance, Payday Loan

Exact Data

aged debt leads

J. Pop Media

Auto Insurance – SMS Inbounds Rate: $26-28/120 connected seconds Cap: 20 billable/day for 1 Week Test- then volume Call Center Hours:? States:? DID:? Auto Warranty – Warm Transfers Rate: $28-30/120 connected seconds (+$2 over regular auto insurance to be competitive in the space) Cap: 20 billable/day for 1 Week Test - then volume Call Center Hours:? States:? DID:? U65 Health Insurance – SMS Inbounds Rate: $46-48/90 connected seconds Cap: 20 billable/day for 1 Week Test- then volume Call Center Hours:? States:? DID:?


Juris Ducet


Business Solutions Group Marketing


Publisher Screening

There are literally hundreds of thousands of publishers operating in the market today. But most of them fail to deliver results. At, we can identify the ones who actually know what they're doing, and who can help you get the visbility and traffic you need. [more]

Finance includes solutions for funding business development or operations.

Business Loans/Funding

Financing operations can be a struggle when customers slow pay. And it can quickly putting your business at risk. At we have partners who specialize in factoring, bridge loans and financing of accounts receivable, that can enable you to provide great customer service and not go broke waiting to get paid.

Porter Capital

Porter Capital provides Invoice factoring and asset-based lending made simple.


InvoiceXcel (iX) provides an easy, cost-effective way to receive your money, paid early. iX allows suppliers to be paid in advance of the invoice due date, financing invoices, purchases orders and inventory

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing includes a wide range of functions designed to increase your visibility on the Internet, i.e. increase awareness, interest, reponses, conversions, inquiries and leads.

Web Site Development

Setting up an effective B2B Web site isn't a matter of esthetics, or even functionality. It's a matter of content. The fact is that any Web designer can create a pleasing site, and get you lots of complements. And any developer can add lots of buttons and functions, to make navigation a breeze. But if you want your Web site to convert visitors into customers - which is the whole point - then you need to know what will drive engagement, and convert visitors to buyers. At, we know how to build a web site that engages visitors, and turn the sound of a mouse button clicking into the sound of a cash register ringing. [more]

Google Ads

A Google Ads campaign, formerly known as Google AdWords, is an online advertising platform developed by Google that allows businesses to display their ads on Google's search engine results pages (SERPs) and other Google-affiliated websites. It operates on a pay-per-click (PPC) model, where advertisers bid on specific keywords relevant to their products or services. When users conduct searches using those keywords, the ads may appear above or below the organic search results. [more]

Content Marketing

Content marketing designs and develops powerful content and messaging, and places that material directly into the hands of your decision makers and decision influencers. [more]

Sales Engine - Grow

In the digital age, fragmentation can be a business’s biggest adversary. With the Sales Engine, you no longer need to juggle multiple tools or dashboards. Our platform offers a seamless solution, enabling you to consolidate all your marketing and sales functions under a single, intuitive interface. [more]

Sales Engine - Solopreneur

In the digital age, fragmentation can be a business’s biggest adversary. With the Sales Engine, you no longer need to juggle multiple tools or dashboards. Our platform offers a seamless solution, enabling you to consolidate all your marketing and sales functions under a single, intuitive interface. [more]

Some solutions don't fall into neat categories, but are nonetheless essential. This is a catch-all category for non-classified offerings.

Pay-per-Lead Management

If you're going to insist on implementing a pay-per-lead program, then you need an objective third party to manage it for you. can manage your pay-per-lead program, letting you minimize your risk and up-front costs, and maximize your potential ROI. In addition to finding you qualified PPL telemarketers, can act as the objective referee to determine when the leads are qualified to be paid from escrow, so you get what you pay for. [more]


This discount is provided to only our favorite clients!


ReverseAds is an evolution of keyword advertising built to roadmap the entire buyer’s journey post-search. We allow brands to be everywhere the buyer is until they purchase at a fraction of the cost of search advertising. [more]


Targeted Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a social network advertising platform that involves the process of matching Facebook users to target groups that Facebook has specified. This involves involves creating content on the Facebook platform, engaging with followers, and running Facebook advertisements. [more]

Market Research and Analysis
Market research is the process of gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information about a market, product, or service to understand its potential consumers, competitors, and overall industry. It helps businesses make informed decisions and develop effective marketing strategies based on comprehensive data and insights.

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