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Choosing a Lead Generation Partner

"What a difference a year makes. You helped us reach our goals. We are sitting on a large backlog of projects now."
- a JV/M client in the tech industry
What you get for $15-$25 per hour (or less, if you go overseas) is NOT the same as what you get for $40-$50 per hour from us. Differences in the quality of the Lead Generation Specialist, and in the methodology and approach, will have an enormous impact on the success of the campaign, and on its financial outcome. In fact, paying less per-hour will actually cost you more in the short, and long, run. Use the model below to calculate the impact on your bottom line.

Cost Comparison Worksheet

Your Situation
Gross Revenue Target ($)(more)
Financial Assumptions
Average Sale ($)(more)
Average Gross Margin (%)(more)
Average Cost per Sales Call ($)(more)
Documentation requirements
Document each contact? (more)
Check box for "yes"
Campaign AssumptionsJV/MOther Vendor
Hourly Cost
Campaign Productivity
Expected dial rate
(dials/hour, e.g. 15)
Expected contact rate
(dials/contact, e.g. 6)
Expected Appointment Rate
(contacts/appointment, e.g. 0.10)
Expected call duration
(minutes/good call, e.g. 10)
Expected close rate
(percentage of leads that close, e.g. 0.10)

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