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Category: Stupid marketing

The "Burned Before" Series, Episode 8: Cheaping Out

We've seen many companies blow through their budgets on marketing programs that failed to deliver. And it's sad. But it happens mostly because there's so much nonsense out there.

Everyone tells you what you need to do - "Do SEO!" "You need Click Funnels!" "Stand on your head and squawk like a chicken!" - but the vendor never draws the link to revenues, so you never achieve your goals.

And then you're left with not enough money to do anything meaningful, and ask us to fix the problem on the cheap.

The fact is that successful marketing is hard to do. And all those "easy answers" are like cheap insurance. You can afford it, but it isn't going to be there when you need it.

The funny thing is that the hardest thing to do in marketing is to come up with a strategy that's actually going to work.

But are you willing to spend the $5,000 it's going to cost to do that? Doubtful.

But that's the reason you're getting burned. It's not your vendors' fault.


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