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Lead Generation

The Missing Link between Marketing and Sales

Lead Generation is a hybrid Marketing and Sales function that is designed to create qualified sales leads, and fill your sales funnel with high-value opportunities that have a high probability of closing successfully.

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Lead Generation Is Much More than Just a Promotional Tactic

Many companies mistakenly equate Lead Generation with telemarketing, pay-per-click or some other promotional tactic. The problem is, you can't just bolt Lead Generation onto a failing Marketing program and expect it to magically turn things around.

In many cases, the reason marketers go this route is to protect their jobs. In fact, it is the failure of most Marketing initiatives today to generate qualified sales leads, especially digital and inbound Marketing programs, that drives marketers to bring Lead Generation in as, basically, an afterthought.

Unfortunately, many companies today expend virtually their entire Marketing budget on digital marketing without any consideration for Lead Generation as an outcome. This isn't just putting the cart before the horse. It's like building a cart, and having no money left at all to buy or feed a horse.

Lead Generation isn't an afterthought. It's the whole point.

LeadGen Can Reliably Deliver Revenue and Profitability Growth

For most companies the only way to achieve success is to make its Marketing program accountable for Sales. Otherwise you're basically using "hope" as a strategy.

And an effective Lead Generation strategy is the proven way to do it.

An effective Lead Generation strategy enables the pieces of your Marketing and Sales program to work together, so there's no finger-pointing. And it creates the kind of accountability that leads to success. Learn more here.

And success is something we've made happen for hundreds of companies.

No matter what industry you're in, Lead Generation can help

Properly designed and applied, Lead Generation can solve virtually any Sales or Marketing challenge

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Winning a Price War

The natural tendency of your competitors in a recession is to drop their price - often to the point of triggering a price war. We can show you how to win it.

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Stealing Market Share

Recessions provide the optimal time to pick up market share. We can show you how to take advantage of the turmoil in the market.

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Finding a Better Strategy

You don't necessarily have to reinvent your business. But repositioning it can often mean the difference between diving and thriving. And we can help.

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Doing More with Less

When a recession forces you to cut costs, we can show you how to get more revenue out of your investment in marketing and sales, and maximize your ROI.

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Unhooking Your Competitor's Customers

If you're going to steal your competitor's market share, you have to find and unhook their customers. We can show you how.

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Running the Table

Once we find an opening in the market for you, it's time to run the table. We'll show you how to scale up, and avoid leaving money on the table.

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Making Better Cold Calls

Everyone says that cold calling is dead, but it's not true. Cold calling is still the fastest, most effective, and often the least expensive way to find new business in the B2B market. And no one can generate leads better than the folks at

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Finding Better Lists

Sometimes, all you need is a good, off-the-shelf list to call. That's why we partner with dozens of list providers, so you don't have to waste time searching. But we can also generate custom lists, so you don't have to waste calls or emails, either.

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Improving Inside Sales

If a sale can be closed over the phone, we can provide you with some of the most talented Inside Sales personnel on the planet. So we can basically do your whole sell-cycle for you, from generating the leads to closing the sale.

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Improving Advertising Effectiveness

The goal of promotion isn't just to get the word out, it's to actually stimulate sales. If your marketing program isn't ringing the cash register, just click here, and start getting results - instead of excuses.

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Recruiting Better Salespeople

With the right sales team, anything is possible. We can help you recruit, select and motivate a sales team that will get the job done. Whether you want an in-house solution or to outsource, can help.

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Making Sales Technology Work

Whether it's your Web site, CRM or e-Commerce system, your company's infrastructure shouldn't be the tail that wags the dog. We can deliver systems that enable sales, and not get in their way.

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Setting Better Appointments

Getting in the door at senior levels of large corporations requires a special kind of approach. At we've been doing it for over 20 years - and we've only gotten better over time.

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Leveraging AI / Data Mining

Being able to predict buyer intentions enables you to focus on high-probability targets. At we have an entire suite of AI solutions that enable you to get a jump on the market, and on your competition.

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Enhancing Content Response

Being able to tell your story is crucial for getting people to understand why they should buy your product. We can articulate your value proposition so your phones will ring off the hook with people wanting to buy.

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Winning at Social Media

Getting a Social Media following for your business can significantly reduce your cost-per-lead - if you know how to do it. Otherwise, it can waste time and money. Want the former? Call

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Displacing Competition

Displacing an incumbent vendor, persuading a prospect to outsource, or winning a price war requires a specific set positioning, pricing and promotion tactics. If you think you can do it on your own, think again.

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Improving Your Close Rate

If your team isn't getting it done, call us - because sales is where "the rubber meets the road." We built to help with every step of the Sell Cycle, because we're not done until your cash register rings.

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Making Direct Marketing Work

If you think direct mail is out-of-date, you've fallen for the myth of digital convenience. We have DMDR solutions that can reduce your cost-per-lead by 90% or more, while separating you from the pack.

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Leveraging Public Relations

Earned media automatically confers credibilty, and it's never a matter of luck to gain it. We can get you the advocacy of powerful influencers in your market, and visibility with decision makers who matter.

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Guerilla Marketing

Getting attention in a crowded media landscape often requires bold action. We have tools and strategies to break through the clutter, and create the kind of buzz that compels people to buy.

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Gaining Visibility with Cause Marketing

Hitching to a good cause can give you leveraged exposure, instant credibility with a key audience, and entree into important decision processes. We can set it up, and help you turn it into sales.

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Making Event Marketing Pay Off

It's easy to buy a trade show booth; it's not so easy to may it pay. We can help you make sure qualified visitors actually enter your booth, engage with you, and eventually buy from you. Otherwise, why bother?

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Building Credibility with Speaking Engagements

If you're an expert in your field, getting in front of an audience of potential buyers is, well, nirvana. We can get you on the agendas that matter, and not just on a bunch of podcasts that no one will ever hear.

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Beating the SEO / SEM Scam

Getting noticed on the Internet sounds easy, but it's a lot harder than you think. Call us after you've failed a few times, we'll get it done right. (Hint: It's not cheap, and it takes a lot of effort.)

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Finding Rainmakers

Rainmakers aren't made they're born, and they've been selling ever since. We can find you a rainmaker - someone who can carry the entire sales load on his or her back, and free you up to fulfill.

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Developing an Effective Strategy

If you know where you want to go, we can show you how to get there. And if not, we can figure out what's possible. With decades of experience, we know how to take your business to the next level.

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Learning Cold Calling

Do you need to know how to make cold calls that actually work? Ones that get past gatekeepers, reach decision makers and get them to engage with you? Well, we literally wrote the book on it.

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Reducing Your Cost-Per-Sale

Driving down your cost-per-lead only makes senses if you can maintain or increase your close rate. We can show you how to drive down your cost-per-sale, which is what really matters.

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Succeeding thru Contract Sales

Sometimes hiring a full-time sales rep is too expensive because there may not be enough for them to do. We can fill the gap, and fill your order book, until there are enough opportunities to justify an FTE.

No Matter Your Challenge, Can Help

At, we've already solved almost every sales or marketing problem there is. For example:

  • Winning a Price War
  • Stealing Market Share
  • Leveraging Limited Budget
  • Unhooking Your Competitors
  • Making Better Cold Calls
  • Finding Better Lists
  • Improving Conversion Rates
  • Improving Advertising Effectiveness
  • Creating Better Salespeople
  • Increasing Content Response
  • Winning at Social Media
  • Improving Your Close Rate
  • Gaining Visibility
  • Beating the SEO/SEM Scam
  • Reducing Your Cost-Per-Lead
  • And, of course, Ringing Your Cash Register

At, we must know what we're doing. We coined the term!

How Are We Different?

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

With other agencies and solution providers, what they offer is whatever they happen to have on the shelf, whether it's right for you or not. has hundreds of solutions.

At we have scores of solutions and dozens of partners. (In fact, we're solution-agnostic). Plus we have decades of experience and success solving sales and marketing problems. So we'll do what works, whether we do it using in-house resources or our partners' resources. We don't just plug in a one-size-fits-all answer.

Why Does It Matter?

Think of it this way: If you have a sales or marketing problem, how is asking Google "How do I solve my sales or marketing problem?" going to help? There's no algorithm in the world that can answer that question appropriately for your company. And the page rank of any given answer only reflects that vendor's ability to rank high, not necessarily to solve your problem.

Unless you know exactly - and, more importantly, correctly - what you need, Google is useless. is the Missing Link between Marketing and Sales

What you really need is a company that knows everything there is to know about sales and marketing, and how to make the available tools and strategies work for you. That way you get the results you're looking for, and not just a bunch of activity and expense.

In other words, if you want to actually win in the market, call

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The Definitive Guide to Lead Generation

Lead Generation is a powerful, hybrid business development strategy that combines key concepts from both Marketing and Sales in order to create "Qualified Sales Leads" (QSLs). It thereby enables you to fill your Sales Funnel with valid and viable opportunities that have a high probability of closing successfully and profitably.

Planned and executed as described in this breakthrough book, a Lead Generation strategy can ensure profitable revenue and market share growth for virtually any business at the lowest possible cost and risk, with the least waste and effort, and in the shortest time-to-market.

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