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As you probably know, many companies today are struggling with their Sales and Marketing. Despite what you hear, most solutions don't deliver real revenue results. Most are band-aids that don't actually solve the problem. And some are outright scams.

At, however, we have an approach - and solutions - that actually work.

So if you want to have a real and positive impact on your clients' sales, let's talk. If you want to provide real value, let's talk. And if you want to maximize your earnings, let's talk.

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In brief, the Marketing Representative position pays a base of $50,000 per year, plus commissions that can bring the total compensation to over $100,000 per year at plan, plus health benefits. will provide demand generation, email marketing, promotion, marketing support, sales support, project management, sales tracking and fulfillment. Reps are expected to attend local networking events, and network with business owners in their region - creating awareness, establishing rapport, introducing, and stimulating interest in our services - and get us a shot at the business. They are also expected to network online using platforms such as LinkedIn and Alignable for that same purpose. Reps may also expected to follow-up on leads provided by, as well as on leads that they generate.

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