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The Webinar Paradox

Many companies have observed there to be a correlation between giving Webinars to prospects and closing sales. But correlation is not causation. And so when they try to scale up their lead generation program to drive more Webinars, they often find that their close rate goes down precipitously, while their marketing costs soar.

What's going on? More/Less

Donald Trump: Marketing Genius

If you can set aside the content of his message, one could argue that what Donald Trump did in order to get elected was straight out of the Marketing 101 textbook. More/Less

Data Mining for B2B

If your company operates in the business-to-business sector today, you probably have a marketing problem. This is because virtually all of the promotional tools available today are either optimized for consumer product companies, or they’re so expensive or ineffective that only the biggest or best-funded competitors in your industry can afford them. Data mining, however, can level the playing field, and provide a cost-per-lead that is at least an order-of-magnitude lower than traditional methods. More/Less

The B2B Cold Calling Handbook

Cold calling is the fastest, most effective and least expensive way to find new business - if you know what you're doing. Not coincidentally, the process of creating an effective cold calling program also enables you to develop more effective marketing, pricing, sales and new product development programs, as well. More/Less

Cold Calling Isn't Dead

Despite what you read, cold calling is alive and well. Well, maybe it's a little under-the-weather, at least according to these examples. More/Less

Is this the reason why B2B has been so hard to do lately?

A 12/28/15 report on Business Insider here quoted a Goldman Sachs report on Capital Expenditures' failure to rise with the recovery. Explanations include companies' willingness to "make do" with what they have, the weakness of oil prices, and the preference of buying back shares to boost share value. But their conclusion is that it isn't going to get any better any time soon. More/Less

Weather Any Revenue Drop

What do you do when revenue falls flat or slips below acceptable levels? More/Less

Closing Your Revenue Gap

It's very simple. If there's a gap between "where you are" and "where you want to be" with respect to your company's sales, you need to change what you're doing. More/Less

How to Guarantee Success in the B2B Market

Success in B2B Sales and Marketing isn't rocket science. But despite the fact that many people have been successful without a degree, it is a science. That is, there are axioms, theories, data and formulas that govern the behavior of competitors, customers and markets. And some people understand them intuitively, and then there are the rest of us. Read this note to find out what you need to know to be successful.

"Cold Calling for Appointments" Training Course - $49.95

If part of your job is to find new sales opportunities, then you already know that the telephone is the most powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal - if you know how to use it. This training course on Cold Calling for Professionals will teach you everything you need to know in order to be successful on the phones. More/Less

FREE Online Sales Leads

The Lead Generator from is like a "dating site" - except it's for businesses who want to sell their products/services, and reduce their purchasing costs. You basically trade access to your needs for access to other users' needs, and get FREE sales leads in the process!

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The Ansoff Matrix Worksheet

The Ansoff Matrix was developed in 1957 by Igor Ansoff to help businesses better understand their opportunities for growth. It identifies four possible product-market strategies: Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development and Diversification. The attached worksheet is designed to help you do the analysis.

B2B Cold Calling Best Practices, by Stephen Sockett

Let me start by saying that this isn’t a “how to” guide, nor is this intended to provide a set of “tricks of the trade.” Rather, this is simply a collection of cold calling best practices to help you improve your success rate. More.

Do You Have a Growth Opportunity?

Of the 20 million or so businesses in the US, the vast majority do not want to grow beyond their current size, according to a 2011 study by Erik Hurst and Benjamin Pugsley of the University of Chicago. Are you one of them? Or would you like to ease your fears of doing better? Click here.

How to Write a Case History

Case histories are extremely powerful and effective sales aids. But if you do them wrong, you could end up wasting months of time and tens of thousands of dollars. Read more here.

Why Should You Use a One-Stop-Shop?

To virtually everyone with whom we've spoken about the concept, the rationale for seems to be both simple and compelling. By using a "one-stop-shop" for all of your B2B marketing and sales needs, you can save a tremendous amount of time and money, dramatically reduce your risk and headaches, and significantly improve your sales results.

Why this is the case is the subject of today's blog entry. More/Less

We Were Quoted Again

The magazine, Agency Sales, is one of the biggest journals that covers the Manufacturers Rep business. They ran an article where they interviewed four experts on what makes the agency-principal relationship work, and then spent 1/3 of the space, starting on page 14, quoting our comments on the issue. The point we were making was that these relationships tend to be pretty simple: If your Business Plans line up, you can work through most problems. If they don't, then there's nothing you can do to fix it. Download it here.

Welcome to the Blog

As we launch this new venture, we'll use this space to update you on our activities, and offer insights and solicit opinions on B2B sales and marketing issues. If you have anything to say, feel free to comment. If it's insightful, it'll get posted.

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