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Do you need help? Help! provides dozens of world-class sales and marketing solutions. And we know what works, and how to make it work for you - so you get the results you need, no matter the challenge.

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Question: If you want to grow your sales, why go to one vendor to build your Web site, another vendor to generate sales leads, and a third to find salespeople? All the components of your Marketing and Sales programs have to work together if you're going to be successful. So why not get them all in one place, along with the expertise and the experience needed to make them work effectively - so that you achieve your objectives?

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What's It Like To Use has helped hundreds of companies achieve their Sales and Marketing objectives, and we can help you, too. Here are comments from just a few of them:

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From a Fortune 100

"We thought that, by outsourcing, the best case scenario would be that we'd get a few more leads... but we've found that with your broader approach we get better qualified leads, and lots of them."

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From an Accounting Firm

"Thanks for all your support over the years. We have valued the partnership, and your team members who came to know us very well and were great advocates."

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From an Education Company

"The objective was met, which was to kick-start sales in a certain area, and I have nothing but high marks and high praise for you and your gang. Mission accomplished!"

What's It Like to use "the Other Guys"

Welcome to Chez Marketing 2.0!

"When all you have is a hammer..."

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Magic Websites

  • Conquer your Market by building your very own WordPress Web site. Remember: If you build it, they will come!

Social Media Tasting Tray

  • Post to our Poo-Poo platter of social media and see what sticks! Then just wait to go viral!

Advertising Sampler

  • If you have more dollars than sense, order up a media buy you won't forget. Nothing' better than seeing your name in lights!


Hub-a-Dub Bisque

  • Nothing hits the (hub) spot like a hot seaming bowl of Sales Enablement. It takes real infrastructure to track all those MQLs!

CRM of Broccoli Soup

  • You can't spell Sales Force without a CRM. Nothing says "accountability" like custom reports!


LinkedIn Lettuce

  • Trying to keep the inquiries down? Connect with anyone and everyone, and sate your appetite getting pitched by everyone and their brother!

SEO on Kale

  • Shoot right to the top of Google with our tasty Search Engine Optimization salad - as long as your geo is less than an acre you're sure to be seen!

Main Fare

Chilean Cold Calling

  • Get guaranteed results for free! We'll read your script, as long as you don't read our fine print!

Slow-Cooked Email

  • Enjoy a slab of slow-cooked spam slathered in au jus. Note: Please order 6 months in advance.


  • Sink your teeth into our paper-wrapped sales leads - but don't be surprised to find out they're not worth the paper they're wrapped in!

Networking for Dummies

  • Spread the word in your local Chamber of Commerce, and be the "toast of the town" as you listen to everyone else's 30-second commercial!


Recruiting Au-Go-Go

  • Hire your way out of the problem, Indeed! Choose the perfect employee from over 6,000 pre-qualified candidates!

Consultantes Frite

  • Looking for the perfect way to wrap up a meal? Hire a consultant who knows everything, and can make you feel good about it, too!

Our World-Famous Libations

The Marketing 2.0 Kool-Aid

  • Enjoy our delicious Marketing 2.0 Kool-Aid. It's guaranteed to make you oblivious to reality.

Intent Ale

  • Make inferences of interest out of virtually nothing, before you go home empty-handed!

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At, we have everything you need to succeed!

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