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The Missing Link between Marketing and Sales

Despite all the new promotional tools and sales tactics that are available for the B2B marketer, there are two critical problems with most companies' go-to-market strategies today that can lead to failure. Specifically:
  1. Marketing programs that produce unqualified sales leads, and
  2. Sales-associated tactics that prevent deals from closing.
A closer look at what companies are doing shows what's happening, and why.

In an ideal world, B2B companies invest in marketing in order to stimulate demand, which shows up in the form of sales leads. These sales leads are then typically turned over to salespeople who are trained to close them - resulting in revenue, market share and, hopefully, profits.
The "Ideal" Marketing and Sales Process

The first problem that happens is that Marketing programs often produce poor quality - or unqualified - sales leads. Especially since the 1990s when the mailing list vendors re-branded a name on a mailing list as a "sales lead," the term "sales lead" has become dumbed down to the point where it's almost meaningless. The problem has been made even worse by the rise of Inbound Marketing where clicks, impressions, downloads, opens, likes, hits, stop-bys, contacts, visits, attendees, referrals, eyeballs, business cards and email addresses now all get passed off as "sales leads." But they're too often worthless because the person doesn't have a need, or even an interest in talking - if you can even identify who they are. (The rise of "lead scoring," by the way, only serves to prove the point.) And therefore they require additional, and often significant, investment to turn them into something worthwhile.

That may be okay insofar as justifying a marketing program is concerned. But then who's responsible for actually qualifying the leads? The marketing staff? To be sure, if they knew how to qualify a sales lead, they'd be out selling (or at least producing qualified sales leads in the first place). And the sales teams? They won't waste their time with unqualified leads if they have anything better to do. And so the leads get neglected or rejected. And revenue, market share and profit fade slowly into the distance. And your Marketing ROI goes to zero.

Problem #1: Unqualified Leads Prevent Success in the Marketing and Sales Process

At, we know the difference between an unqualified sales lead and a qualified sales lead. We know how to produce qualified sales leads, and how to turn your unqualified leads into something useful. We can even show you how to avoid producing unqualified leads in the first place.

The other problem (assuming that you have qualified sales leads to work with) is the "Sales Prevention Department" - the management processes, plans, technologies and people that can get in the way of selling, and prevent the cash register from ringing.

Problem #2: The "Sales Prevention Department" Prevents Sales from Closing

The classic case today is the contact management system that's so riddled with bad data that opportunities simply get lost. But bad hires, ineffective training programs, compensation plans that punish success, unresponsive sales channels, administrivia, sales mismanagement, pricing errors, and basic bad sales technique all populate a land of sales chaos. So even when companies have qualified sales leads to work with, many of them waste their opportunities, and leave openings that their competitors can drive a truck through.

At, though, we know the difference between "sales enablement" and something that gets in your way. So we can take the Sales Prevention Department and turn it into the Sales Execution Department. Can Make It Work the Way It's Supposed to Work

Despite what you read, the fact is that the B2B Sales and Marketing world isn't as simple as they say. And the idea that, "if you build it, they will come" is nothing more than an Inbound marketer's fantasy.

But at we know where the potholes are, and we have the solutions to get around them. So you get the sales, the market share and the profits you need.

If you have sales goals to make, call - the missing link between marketing and sales. We'll close the gap between where you are and where you want to be! is a service of JV/M, Inc.
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