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Because it's so easy to get published these days, there's been an explosion of "click-bait" on the Internet - especially for the intellectually lazy (see here). And, of course, you know what they say about opinions (i.e. "Everyone has one...")

Below, you can find some of our musings. Some may be a little old (but apocryphal.) And some is hopefully funny. But it all can help.

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Every once in a while, something we've written gets picked up by a blog, Web site or e-zine. Here are some of the ones we know about:
We need to add one more paper. We didn't write it, but it's probably the most important paper ever written for marketing. It appeared in the Harvard Business Review back in 1975:
The point is that, at, we understand B2B sales and marketing. We know what we're talking about, and we know what we're doing. So if you want results, call us. We can help.


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