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B2B Sales/Marketing Consulting

Are you looking for a professional B2B Sales/Marketing consulting firm that's willing to put some "skin in the game"?

At, more than we want you to use our services, we want you to succeed. So we provide B2B Sales/Marketing consulting services that can address every area of your sales and marketing strategy. From market research and new product development, to lead generation and sales, we can help. So your cash register rings, and you get the long term growth you need.


The problem is that winning in the B2B market has become a lot harder since the recession. For many businesses, channels have collapsed - virtually burying distributors and brick-and-mortar retail. Print is dead. Email marketing gets your domain flagged as a spammer. And new online Content Marketing strategies turned out to be nothing more than a time-suck. Making matters worse, decision makers still don't go to trade shows. And salespeople still don't want to make cold calls. And now product life cycles are measured in months, not years, making achieving a positive ROI even harder.

If you want to close the gap between "where you are" and where you want to be," and if you want somebody who's really on your side, Professional B2B Sales/Marketing Consulting from is the answer.

Solving the Problem

Taking advantage of a market opportunity today takes both savvy and nimbleness. You have to know what you're doing (from a marketing and sales perspective), and you have to be able to execute quickly and inexpensively. This means you need a Market Opportunity Development model that works, one that can be adapted to your products and your markets effectively - which is where we start.

Market Opportunity Development Model
We've been bringing successful new products and services to the market for over 30 years, and so we have the process down to a science. In fact, our metholodolgy was first published in 1984 at Bell Labs, and led to the introduction of such new (at the time) technologies such as ISDN, multiplexers, fiber optics, Local Area Networks and on-demand video. Since then, it's been successfully applied to hundreds of new and reinvigorated products and services in dozens of markets.

Once you have your strategy set, of course, you then have to execute on it. For this, no one offers a better approach than Objective, rational and effective, our approach is based on the AIDA model that was developed over 80 years ago as the antithesis of "If you build it, they will come." At, we make sure your prospects know about you. We stimulate their interest in your solutions. We uncover needs that make them want to talk, meet or buy. And then we get them to take action.

While cold calling is usually the most effective tactic in B2B, once the AIDA framework is created it can easily be applied to any other marketing mix element you want such as advertising, email marketing, trade shows, content marketing, PR, networking, and especially field sales.

At, we're all about "conscious competence." This means we don't just offer you a solution and hope it works. And we don't just give you a binder and walk away. We know what works, and we make it work for you.

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