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Introducing: "Mindreader" from

Theoretically, if you need more sales leads you can simply buy a list of businesses and cold-call through it. Assuming that, say, 5% of the companies on the list could potentially use your solution, you ought to be able to get a lead every twenty contacts or so. So assuming you get to talk to a decision maker every 5 dials, and your dial-rate is the average 10 dials-per-hour for a B2B campaign, you should be able to get a qualified lead about every 10 hours when cold calling.

The problem is, though, that most of these prospects probably don't need your solution right at the time you're calling them. Maybe they only buy your type of product once a year, or when their contract with their current vendor renews. Maybe it's circumstantial, and the time's not right. Or maybe they just don't know they have a need, or your solution is new and unfamiliar. In those cases it could take 20, or 30, or even more hours on the phone just to get one appointment. And your Cost-of-Sales could go through the roof.

But what if you could know exactly when these companies actually have a need for your products - so you can call them then instead of at the wrong time? Wouldn't that improve your appointment rate, and probably your close rate? And couldn't that shorten your sell cycle too? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to avoid calling people who didn't have a need at the time you're calling? You wouldn't then have to try to convince them that they ahd a need. And wouldn't that save you a lot of effort, time, money, aggrevation and dials?

Or what if you're doing email marketing? Wouldn't it be helpful if you could avoid sending emails to people who don't need your product at the moment (so you don't get tagged as a spammer), but instead only send to emails to people who are actively looking? Or, say, what if you're doing pay-per-click? Wouldn't it save you a lot of money if you could avoid paying for clicks from tire-kickers?

Or maybe you're doing Search Engine Marketing (SEM). How many times have you tried to chase down a visitor, only to find that they're really not ready to buy? Or worse, that you're now in a five-way battle to see who can offer the lowest price? Wouldn't it be better to know who's going to look before they look, instead of after?

Welcome to Mindreader!

Mindreader from is a unique solution that not only identifies prospects who need your products or services, it also tells you when they need it. In other words, with Mindreader you not only get a list of qualified prospects, you get a list of qualified prospects who need your solution now!

Added to your lead generation program, Mindreader can dramatically improve the quality of results, while dramatically reducing your cost-per-lead.

Avoiding Waste

Everyone understands what "waste" is in marketing. "Waste" is promoting your products to people who don't need them. And it's the single biggest expense there is, both in marketing and in sales. But no one has had a way to avoid waste - until now. With Mindreader, though, you can promote your product or service to just those prospects who need it at the precise moment they need it.

With Mindreader added to your inbound program you can avoid annoying people, and dulling the impact of your message, because they're not ready to receive your content. With Mindreader feeding your direct sales program you can double - or more - the performance of your reps because they're calling at the right time instead of wasting effort. And with Mindreader behind your direct mail program your pieces will be opened, read and responded to. No waste; just results.

Mindreader can dramatically improve the performance of virtually any marketing program, as in this example from an actual telemarketing campaign:

Targets 250 50
Dials/Contact 4 2
Dials Needed 4,000 100
Dials/hour 12 8
Hours Needed 83.3 12.5
Appointment Rate 5% 25%
Appointments 12 12
Cost/Appointment $3,333 $500
Savings   85%

As you can see, with Mindreader you can get the same number of appointments, but for less than half the cost. This increases your ROI. It improves your sales margins. It can even help you increase your prices.

Timing Is Everything

In marketing, like much else in life, timing is everything. Being a day late means being a dollar short. But with Mindreader from you can know exactly who needs your product, exactly when they need it - so you can concentrate your resources on what's going to maximize your ROI - and not on paying for marketing you don't need. is a service of JV/M, Inc.
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