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Whom We've Helped has helped hundreds of companies increase their sales, their market share, and their profitability in the B2B market - because we know what works, and how to make it work for you. Here are just a few of the many companies we've helped:

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Case Histories

- Janitorial Services
- Asset Mgt Systems
- Consulting Services
- Copiers
- Golf Outings
- Affinity Marketing
- Engineering Services
- Logistics
- Mergers and Acquisitions
- Textile Software
- Retail Mgt Systems
- Steel
- Case Management
- Video Surveillance Systems
- College Football
- Industrial Filters
- Gift Baskets
- Race Track
- Health Insurance
- Publicity Firm
- Payroll Service
- Bank Owned Life Insurance
- Scanning Systems
- BPO-Banking Industry
- Neonatal Services
- 3D Printing
- Metal Fabrication
- Local Area Networks
- Education Systems
- IT/Database Company
- Copper Price War
If you don't see something that's relevant to your business, just call us and ask. If we haven't done it already, it hasn't been done!
Please Read This: A Note About References

If you are considering using, despite the many successful projects we've done, please note that we cannot provide you with references. And while we understand your desire to minimize the risk of making a bad decision, we hope you'll understand our reasons, which are as follows:
  1. The main reason that we do not provide references is that we simply do not want to bother our clients. Most of them are extremely busy running their businesses and following up on our leads. And they consistently tell us that they have better things to do than to help someone who makes business decisions by relying on other people's experiences - most of which are completely inapplicable to their own situation. Some are also reluctant to give a reference because they do not want us to take resources away from their campaign, and assign them to someone else's campaign. (While we don't do that, we understand the concern.) And many do not want other people to know that they needed marketing help, We also don't have so many active clients at any given time that we can afford to waste them on all the requests for references that we get, especially from companies where the task of doing due diligence has been delegated by a boss who doesn't have the time to talk to us, nor ultimately the desire or ability to buy anyway. And yes, we understand perfectly the irony of this position, given that we are in sales.

  2. Further to that point, keep in mind that every situation is different. Every business faces different challenges. Every business has a different positioning, and has different strengths and has different weaknesses. The fact is that we could work with two companies who are in the exact same business, and their results can be completely different. One can be wildly successful, and the other can be an epic failure. Thinking that our success with another client (or our failure, for that matter,) is an indicator of what your results might be reflects a deliberate refutation of the very uniqueness of your business that you would want us to promote. Instead, we suggest that you recognize that your business is unique. And let's figure out how we can help it grow.

  3. References are too easy to wire, especially in this business. (In fact, we'll even do it for you - if it's appropriate and it doesn't compromise anyone's integrity.) The fact is that it's very easy for us to ask (or to pay) three friends to serve as references, and to say nice things about us - and you wouldn't know the difference. We don't do that, of course, but asking for references, when it comes to marketing, is begging for trouble.

  4. The bottom line is that marketing entails risk. This is why we offer only a very limited guarantee. We simply don't know if we are going to be successful for you, with or without a reference. But you will not make a better decision to use us, or to not use us, by asking us for a reference. You will make a better decision by asking us about the risks - about which we will be very honest. Also, if you're really concerned about the risks, by the way, do not try to off-set risk by opting for a pay-per-lead program. That actually increases your risk. See How Pay-per-Lead Programs Can Ruin Your Business. You can reduce your risk by spending more, not less.

  5. Finally, if you are simply curious about what it's like to work with us, here's what you need to know: We are very professional, very smart, and very experienced. We will hold your hand if you want us to, or let you run on your own if you'd like. We're very open about what we do; we post our call notes online, and share results immediately. And we will go the extra mile to compensate for deficiencies in your sales or marketing operation, which is the whole point of what we do. We are honest. And we will do the best we can. But we cannot guarantee success (no one can), there are simply too many variables. The one thing you would hear if you did talk to our past clients, however, is that even if it didn't work out - most people tell us - they would still use us again.
In any event, if - despite all this - you are going to insist on asking us for references, please click here. is a service of JV/M, Inc.
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