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What's Wrong with This Picture?

Despite all the hoopla surrounding online marketing today, it simply doesn't work for most B2B businesses. But, then again, neither do most traditional methods. Click on the picture of what you're doing to find out why it might not be working.

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Market Research
Making matters worse, of course, is the fact that many verticals in the B2B market have shrunk by as much as 30% since before the recession. Entire channels and markets have literally disappeared due to the growth of online retail. Capital spending, a major driver in B2B, is down virtually across the board. Global competition has driven prices to marginal costs, or even lower. And executives are deathly afraid of making decisions, especially any that involve change. And that assumes that the organization isn't already so flat that there's no one to take responsibility.

The Solution

If you want to win the game (or at least get out of the hole) you have to start by accepting that there is no standalone solution. No one solution is going to work all by itself. Instead, you need to integrate at least a few of them in order to get results. (And the most important one? Market research.)

The Foundation of an
Effective Lead Generation Program

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